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Women’s Health Pilates Course

Middlesex Physiotherapy Clinic offers a range of Pilates services run by Jodi our South African physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor. We offer individual sessions and small groups of upto 3 ladies.

Classes are tailored to the individual needs of the patients attending, for example following spinal surgery, chronic back pain, pelvic floor issues etc.

The Pilates rehabilitation sessions focus on improving core stability by exercise the deep abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. The center of gravity of the human body falls between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebra in the bottom of the spine. This is essentially the foundation of the human body and if it is held securely by the surrounding muscles gives a solid foundation for the human body to function.


Mondays and Thursdays between 3-8pm, booking essential.

Claim on your health insurance!

Yes that’s right… this is a physiotherapist run rehabilitation programme and is thus claimable against your health insurance.

Booking is essential call us on 020 8201 7788.


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