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Assessment and Examination

After we discuss and take a detailed history of your problem we will conduct a thorough examination and assessment and come up with a diagnosis of the problem.  We may then use some of the following treatments to help you overcome your problem.

Treatments we use:

Deep tissue massage
Myofascial Trigger Point release
Maitland Mobilisations and manipulations
Home visits and domiciliary physiotherapy
Ultrasound treatment
Electrical stimulation
Deep friction massage
Exercise therapy
Ergonomic advice
Neural tissue mobilisation

Comments from Margaret

Margaret is a long time patient of mine who is in her 60’s and has had both her hips replaced.  I have a great sense of satisfaction from the results she has achieved with our help.

"I was first referred to Steven Berkman in the late 1990s with back pain by my GP and was impressed by his attitude and professionalism. It really helps when the person treating you takes a keen interest. Some time later this was reinforced when I was referred again and attended a 'healthy back' short course taught by Steve and in which he created an atmosphere of mutual support. As a result of this I joined the Burroughs Gym in 2002, exercising there three times a week.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and awaiting my first hip replacement. Steve was able to help me prepare at the Gym for this major surgery. A few months later we prepared for the second hip replacement. His personal interest, support and easy availability through these physically challenging years have been a major factor in keeping my life 'together'."

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